Recreating missing trim and decorative molding on furniture.

This little curb side find was missing some of the decorative overlays and details on one of the doors.



To recreate those details I used the following steps:

First I cleaned the entire radio cabinet and removed the doors.  I’m using the good door to make the mold for the missing cross/fleur piece.

11855905_1020589257985338_185124320291663302_nMy children decided to make cinnamon roll pancakes earlier in the week and use all the non-stick cooking spray, so for this mold I used WD40.

Lightly coat the piece you’re molding using a cotton ball and WD40.



11902587_1020589311318666_5093618221218895986_nNow to make a mold.  I normally prefer to use the cheap bathroom silicone caulk for this, but once again I was out of that too.  So I grabbed the hot glue gun.

Make sure you’re covering the detail or trim entirely and that you’re using a thick layer of glue or silicone.  If you make the mold too thin it will tear when you go to release it.


11889563_1020589411318656_2837261776688122508_nFor this I made sure to really get the hot glue on thick.





11902455_1020589537985310_6705169051695089046_nOnce your glue or silicone has setup.  Carefully remove your new mold.   Lightly coat the inside of the mold with cooking spray or WD40 and fill with Bondo Body Filler (this is a 2 part mix sold as automotive body filler).  Let the Bondo setup until hard, about 20 minutes is good.


11899750_1020589597985304_5691600051878848146_nOnce the Bondo has setup, carefully remove your new trim or overlay piece.  Depending on the thickness and size of the piece you may have to trim off the excess Bondo.  This piece I was replicating was very thin and with such a shallow mold I was bound to have to do some trim work.

Take a sharp razor knife and carefully trim your excess off.  Then by hand, lightly sand your edges smooth with high grit wet/dry sand paper.



11887833_1020589714651959_5718886288488001932_nAttach your new trim or overlay to your furniture with more Bondo, wood glue or Gorilla gel super glue.

Lightly sand the surface smooth by hand.






11898557_1020589791318618_8830503380843623789_nFill in the remaining areas of missing veneer, chips and detail work with Bondo body filler, sand and using the Dremel small point grinder to reproduce your scrolling.




11904679_1020589877985276_8323894367989375738_nFool your friends and family with your newly finished radio cabinet that they will never guess was in the dumpster earlier that week.


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