Sparkling Mermaid Lingerie Chest Tutorial

DIY Vintage French Provincial Lingerie Chest Makeover
Sparkling Mermaid Blues and Greens using CeCe Caldwell Paints, Unicorn SPiT Colored Gel Stains and Plutonium Paint

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Recently Unicorn SPiT released a new colored gel stain and I was lucky enough to be one of the few to get their hands on. It’s SPARKLING GEL STAIN! Yes, this stuff is gorgeous. These new stains were recently released in limited quantities. They have 11 new colors and I was lucky enough to get my hands on 6 of them.

Onry Oriole, Lici Thunderbird, Rock Chalk, Patina Peacock, Grace C Hummingbird

Seemed like the perfect time to step out of the box and do something fun.  I started prepping a vintage Henry Link French Provincial lingerie chest by first cleaning and doing a light overall sanding.

I wanted a deep blue/green as a base color to go with a mermaid theme I had planned.  I started making some sample boards using Cece Caldwell Paints in Newport Navy and Thomasville Teal.  Cece Caldwell had a feature for a while called “Mixology Monday” where new color mixes using their current paint colors were featured.  I searched through those posts until I found the one that featured a gorgeous “Manteo Blue” which called for 2 parts Newport Navy and 1 part Thomasville Teal.


Once I had my base color mixed and swatched on my sample board, I did swatches for each of the Unicorn SPiT Sparkling Stains I was using.

Once my sample boards were complete, I started painting.  I first did two coats of the Cece Caldwell Manteo Blue.

After a light sanding over the entire surface with 400 grit sanding sponge, I grabbed my Unicorn SPiT Sparkling Gel Stains.  I had originally planned on just using one color but decided to do several to add contrast.  I used Patina Peacock, Grace C Hummingbird and Rock Chalk.

I worked with all three colors at the same time, blending and layering the colors as I went.  Some areas I went more blue and some more green. I ended up doing two coats, letting each dry fully after blending the colors over the entire chest.

I wanted to keep the original hardware but it needed a face lift.  Using a small wire brush and barkeeper’s friend, I cleaned and dried the drawer pulls before spraying with Plutonium Paint in the color 1st Place.  Plutonium spray paint is my absolute favorite for any time I’m using spray paint and their gold (1st Place) is gorgeous.  It’s a true gold without the brassy yellow tones or the look of cheap jewelry.

Plutonium dries super fast and since it sprays 360 degrees in all temperatures, it only takes a few minutes to make the drawer pulls look brand new.

Once I let the last coat of stain dry overnight, I did one quick spray of Plutonium clear to set and seal my water based stain.  Since Unicorn SPiT is a water based stain/glaze it needs to be sealed/finished with a sprayed top coat or an oil based finish.  If you prefer water based sealers, you will need to spray your finish to avoid smearing your color.

Once the color was sealed I finished the chest with two coats of Polyvine Wax Varnish in satin to keep the sheen.

The last touch was to line the drawers using Rifle Paper Company’s mermaid paper and seal again with Polyvine Wax Varnish.

I did keep the pattern in line going down the drawer sides to make sure the mermaids didn’t lose their heads. LOL

Here it is finished.




It’s just so amazing what you can do with CeCe and SPiT!

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