Vintage Linen Press: Layering milk paint colors

**This post is sponsored by Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company, but all statements and opinions are 100% mine.

Here it is before I started.

Layering Milk Paint:

I picked up a pair of matching vintage cupboard/Linen presses that desperately needed refinishing. This one I chose to use Old Fashioned Milk Paint in layers of color.
After stripping with soy gel stripper and doing a light sanding, I started with the color Slate.

Slate is one of my favorite colors from Old Fashioned Milk Paint and is a great base for this cupboard.

Adding a Resist Layer:

In order to allow milk paint colors to be sanded or chipped to show other colors underneath, you need to use something to prevent your next color from bonding. This can be done with several resists such as wax, hemp/tung oil, a satin or gloss water based finish. I decided to use a water based finish in between my colors. Safe Coat Acriglaze is a low VOC water based finish safe to use on paints and can be used a glazing or decoupage medium.  After Slate was dry I did one even coat of Acriglaze before doing a layer of Light Cream.  Once each layer of paint is dry I lightly sanded with a sanding block to remove any chipping.  Since I did not use any bond with milk paint the first few colors chipped naturally on their own.

Last I mix a small amount of Oyster White in with Driftwood and painted one good coat.  For this last layer I did add bond to the milk paint to have more control over distressing and chipping.
I used a new medium grit sanding block and went over the entire surface distressing along edges and corners.  The layers of colors peeked out in all the right places.  I sealed the entire surface again with Acriglaze.

Here it is all finished.

It turned out amazing.

Isn’t the transformation incredible!?

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