My Go To Paint for Hardware

*This post is sponsored by Plutonium Paints, all content and views are my own.

The Only Spray Paint I will ever use again!

Over the years I have tried dozens of paints, creams and waxes to update/change the look of old hardware for furniture or around the house.  Most paints, even with good prep work eventually would peel or scratch off and took several coats for good coverage.  Most of the creams or waxes available came in small tubes that were just a pain to use and usually didn’t work well. Then a few years ago I started following this amazing artist named Ray Ferrer.  Ray had a painting that I just had to have.


“The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” – Ray Ferrer

My dad and I have watched this Clint Eastwood movie countless times and it’s one of his favorites.  When I saw Ray had done “Blondie” I immediately emailed him.  He was amazing!  Not only did he get back to me right away, he didn’t laugh hysterically at me when I told him about my Spaghetti Western upbringing. He made sure to send my dad’s print with a personal note and an autographed copy of his amazing work!


I had reached out to him a few times asking questions and learning all about his work.  He created each and every piece using a spray paint I had never heard of…..Plutonium.  After some convincing, I decided to try this miracle spray paint for myself.


Plutonium spray paints are unlike any other spray paint I have ever used before. First and most important, they have quick change spray caps!  These caps are amazing, you can choose the diameter of your spray pattern.


These caps come in extremely handy when your doing stencil work or small parts. For example I completely restored an antique Cass Toy Chest not too long ago and after recreating all the images I had to stencil them back on.

Instead of wasting large amounts of stencil mask, I swapped out the caps on the Plutonium Deep Space to the beige dot (detail/fine line spray).


Deep Space, Red Alert, Lala and 1st Place


I also learned quickly that Plutonium sprays no matter which way you hold the can. Upside down, sideways or any way it doesn’t matter which way.  It covers in one coat, which I had never used a spray paint with coverage like that. It also dries extremely fast!  So completing projects is much faster.

It’s awesome for changing or refreshing hardware on furniture.


Handles finished with Polar


1st Place


1st Place




I love the colors available for holiday projects. Unlike other big box brands, this paint doesn’t chip or peel off.


2nd Place, Fly Girl, Manko and LaLa


2nd Place, Polar and Red Alert


Manko, Aloha, Polar, Deep Space and Lala

Then they upped the game and released the clear gloss spray.  This is not only an amazing clear coat but it has a build-able sheen. You can do a light coat of minimal shine or build onto that for a high gloss finish.  It is now the only finish I use when doing stain art!


I’ve been a loyal Plutonium user for a few years now and cannot say enough good things about them. It sprays clean every time, dries fast, can spray in any temperature and the coverage is unbeatable.

Check back soon for steps on using Plutonium to create popular finishes such as Oil Rubbed Bronze and Antique Gold! I’ll also be showing tips for using it as a quick primer for different surfaces.




RIP and God Bless the Ferrer Family

Ray Ferrer has since passed away from brain cancer.  He was an amazing artist and an unbelievably nice guy as well.  He introduced me to Plutonium Paints after a few discussions we had about his work.



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